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oS welcomes HC020 to the labrary

I've been busy and quiet and not really very public lately.  There is a lot going on at the moment and some of that stuff that I'm doing is just not for public consumption.

Anyways, I just took delivery of a Dell Precision M90.  If you know your toys, this is a pig of a machine.  In proper form, it has received an HC0xx designation on my network and now has a spot on the desk next to the machine where I do my Internet stuff (where I am entering this post).

Since I'm going to San Diego and doing some presentations on F#, I figured that I had better buy a reasonable laptop to take on the road, seeing as the old round of laptops that I own are all old and grey (literally and metaphorically) and very slow relative to today's speeds.  HC020 is an M90 with an Intel Core Duo running at 2GHz with 2GB of RAM (ummmm, 4GB was $2100 more; no thanks) and a 100GB (7200rpm) HD.

Anyways, the real pig of this machine is the video card.  If thou knowest thy NVidia video cards, you know that the two choices on the M90 are the Quadro FX 1500M or 2500M.  Guess which one I chose?  The Quadro FX 2500M appears to be THE fastest video card for portable machines and has the horsepower of the desktop Quadro FX 4500.  The best part about this 512MB video card is that the peak power consumption is 100W.  Yup, when using graphics unplugged, this pig is good for 45 minutes of battery life.  hooo-haaaaa.  With the 17" screen, I'll still have some diagonal envy, when compared with the 19" portables that are now arriving on the scene.  But this will kick the snot out of any SLI or QUAD-SLI portable out there and has more video horsepower than 95% of the desktops out there (including desktop NVidia SLI 6x00 and 7x00 machines; those are still girlie-man machines when compared to HC020).

I'm going to be presenting on F# with my cornerstone presentation being Interactive Visualization with F#.  This requires some horsepower and so, I guess I'll find out if HC020 is up to the task.  If it is not, HC020 will be relegated to some silly background task to live out its days toiling over some quant analytics before being sent off to the glue factory.  I'm installing VS2005 and F# now.

As if the labrary didn't need a little more heating . . .


Published Friday, June 02, 2006 7:13 PM by optionsScalper

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Sunday, October 29, 2006 6:35 PM by Scott Isaacs

# re: oS welcomes HC020 to the labrary


Dude, is that like, water infused with carbon monoxide or something?

When are you going to write something again?

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